Runner-Bar v.0.1 is released

Here is my next project ready for users and enthusiastic alike: Runner-Bar.

Runner-Bar is a program designed for quickly launching your favorite programs or files.


The python meta-package along with python-gi should be installed to use Runner-Bar. Depending on your distribution you might also need to install something else. The terminal output usually gives you a pretty good hint what you will need. I would guess that if the python meta-package is not enough in your case then you should (perhaps?) check pygtk related packages. If you need more help then check this post.

Runner-Bar features:

*Fast and easy to use program written completely with Python

* Open webpage with system’s default browser: https or http.
* Quick words to open certain locations more easily.
* Open files or folders with default applications. For example, if I type, /home/tester/music.mp3 then a file called music.mp3 will start playing with my system’s default app (Vlc).
* Can open folder locations that are typed to the text field. If I type /usr then a location /usr will get opened with the system’s default application.
* Runner-Bar should automatically quit after a command has been typed and enter has been pressed.
* Runner-Bar is uncomplicated, meaning it will process whatever you type. However, if you accidentally type something like xlc instead of vlc and execute the command then program just exits and no harm is done.

*Runner-Bar is completely desktop independent: if you like KDE or Gnome you can use those with Runner-Bar – or then you can be like me and use some  lightweight alternative instead – and Runner-Bar will not punish you for it.

Runner-bar also has info and close buttons in it and the program respects your GTK+ theme and icons.

Here is a screenshot of Runner-Bar along with the zip file, which will contain the actual python program for you to download.


Tip 1.Do remember to make the program executable with chmod +x or similar.

Tip 2. Execute the program like this: python

Tip 3. For easier launching you should create a new symbolic link for the

For example:

sudo ln -s /home/tester/Release/ /usr/local/bin/runner

You will replace tester with your actual username and the folder paths with your actual folder paths.

The command above will create a link called runner. So, when the link is created and you type runner to a command prompt then Runner-Bar should appear.

To remove the created link replace ln -s with rm -r (See the example command above).

Tip 4. You can use xbindkeys or any other program or just the native Openbox, Fluxbox etc. functions to bind Runner-Bar to your favorite shortkey for easier and faster startup.

Enjoy and comment on Deviantart or Twitter.

Additional resources: Runner-Bar page at Sourceforge