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Follow via Twitter and another sneak peak into PostX 0.4 art

Now, since Facebook is gone I do realize that people might want check what is going on with Techtimejournmey. You can of course order RRS feeds, which will be found within the “Follow me” button links. If you require something a bit more modern you can follow my Twitter space, which I have now decided to make the new prime channel for Techtimejourney as well – since it fits to the purpose very well.

Twitter space can be located from here: https://twitter.com/techtimejourney

And here is another sneak peak into PostX 0.4 artwork. This is likely to become the default wallpaper.

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Meet Rock-vol4 the likely new PostX default.

You can also find Rock-vol4 within my GPL gallery page 3: Rock-vol4.png


PostX 0.4 news and two new backgrounds

I have been in a quite hurry with coding stuff to next PostX version. Things are advancing nicely and here is what is currently confirmed on the features part:

*Pulseaudio will be default.

*There will be a new calendar/clock application

*Sound keys should work for wired and bluetooth devices.

*There will be a new panel

*There will be a new terminal

*Outlook will get upgraded and a more integrated feeling

The approach by which I am coding the new panel,terminal and calendar/clock is that they will be lightweight and easy to use. Here is a screenshot of how things look now.

postx linux, gpl wallpapers, linux screenshots

PostX 0.4 dev screenshot
with new artwork

You can get the wallpaper of my screenshot from my GPL gallery

Direct Link :https://www.techtimejourney.net/gpl-art/2033-2/s32/

Also, here is another new wallpaper for you to enjoy: https://www.techtimejourney.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/D12.png


Darktech series available now.

Back in 2013 I did a wallpaper, which I released onĀ  DeviantartĀ  and just about forgot it completely. I had intentions to add it to my Gallery but for some reason I just forgot about it. As luck would have it, I had a back injury about a week ago – and I had to take it easy for a while. I was then looking for a challenge to undertake and suddenly recalled the original Darktech wallpaper, which was just about everything I was looking for. Now, three years later I am proud the release Darktech series, which contains 3 wallpapers in total (The original wallpaper and two brand new).

Here is a screenshot preview about the set:

darktech wallpapers, wallpapers, wallpaper set

Darktech wallpaper set

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PostX beta1 wallpapers are now available

While I am still working hard to write a new file manager for PostX 0.3 here are the PostX beta1 wallpapers in the mean time.

I uploaded two preview pictures to my GPL gallery: https://www.techtimejourney.net/gpl-art/2033-2/

The full 5 wallpapers set is available as a zip file under the Wallpaper series section below the title: PostX 0.3. beta1 wallpapers.