Monthly Archives: October 2016

Crosslinker FM v.5 has arrived

Looking for the latest Crosslinker FM (now v.6)? Get it here.

Crosslinker FM v.5 has arrived. Start by reading the info sheet and then proceed to the Install instructions. The info sheet contains important information, so it is recommended that you read it before installation and usage.

Crosslinker FM v.5 Info Sheet

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Crosslinker FM v.5 relase pushed to late hours of Sunday 30th

Delaying Crosslinker FM v.5 and releasing it tomorrow. The reason for this is simple: I am making the GUI better. The layout will be clearer and the outlook will receive an overall boost. Now, since I am doing my coding and designing with a more powerful computer than originally, I can really explore a lot more options. This time the exploration led me to the realization that I can, could and of course should upgrade the GUI.

Crosslinker FM coming soon and GPL gallery receives a new wallpaper

First, a quick note about my file manager Crosslinker FM. The version five, which will have many upgrades and fixes will arrive no later than the upcoming Saturday 29th of October.

Since the theme of this week has beenĀ all about designing, here is another new wallpaper for you to enjoy. The artwork below is also found within my GPL gallery page 4. If you want to get the wallpaper fast and easy then click the image below. Enjoy.

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