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Darktech series available now.

Back in 2013 I did a wallpaper, which I released onĀ  DeviantartĀ  and just about forgot it completely. I had intentions to add it to my Gallery but for some reason I just forgot about it. As luck would have it, I had a back injury about a week ago – and I had to take it easy for a while. I was then looking for a challenge to undertake and suddenly recalled the original Darktech wallpaper, which was just about everything I was looking for. Now, three years later I am proud the release Darktech series, which contains 3 wallpapers in total (The original wallpaper and two brand new).

Here is a screenshot preview about the set:

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Darktech wallpaper set

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Me and Debian

My first real experience towards Linux was with Debian Sarge in 2005. Before that I had been mainly a Windows user – with a substantial desire to tweak things myself. Debian Sarge seemed to provide a nice way of doing many things but in reality it proved a bit too difficult. My 2005 self constantly struggled to get drivers and hardware working with Debian Sarge – and in the end the constant trouble led me to switch my operation system to Ubuntu. Overall, Ubuntu was good for me back in the days. I really loved Gnome 2 and the good old Nautilus file-manager, which was easy and customizable. It was probably around 2007 that I tried Debian again – this time it was Etch that got into my then current laptop. Debian Etch was a lot nicer experience for me than Debian Sarge had been. This time around I got everything running and things just worked. The problem that I encountered this time was with the software: Debian Stable was just too old for my needs. The software ran of course but it did not have feature x or y – and this was again something that drove me away from Debian. Continue reading

February wallpaper set available in Creative Commons gallery

One of my recent works: February wallpaper set has been added to Creative Commons gallery page 6

The wallpaper set contains three artworks in total. You can also find the wallpaper set listed under Wallpaper series section

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February wallpaper set contains 3 artworks in total.


The drive that kept unmounting – and how to fix it (Windows/Linux/Os X)

Currently, I am using Acer Revo Mini M1-601, which is a great machine by itself. The really small size is bonus and I do all my daily tasks with it. Lately, I had to install Windows 10 and I encountered a strange bug, which I later also found when using a bleeding edge Linux distributions like Debian Sid, and here is what happened.

I have a clone dock/drive bay combo, which allows me to mount an external hard drive to my computer via usb2/3 connection. Now, my new computer comes mainly with usb3 and that is great. The problems begin when I am mounting my hard drive via clone dock/drive bay combo. What actually happens is that everything works smoothly about 5 to 6 minutes and then systems(like Windows 8 / 10 and Debian Sid or even OS X) unmount the external hard drive by themselves and kick it out. In the previous case, the only choice is to manually remount the device – but after a while this gets quite annoying to do every 5 to 6 minutes. Continue reading