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New programs coming and some other news

For some time, I have been wanting to write Crosslinker FM for QT5. The previous is now being done and a new pure QT5 file manager named as Sequence FM will arrive very soon. Sequence FM will introduce many upgrades/features and it will be very fast. For Sequence FM I chose a more traditional approach when it came to the interface. In other words, you should be able to get used to it easily. I am still coding features, which means  that the complete list will be revealed upon release.

The second newcomer is HTML-GTK Player, which means that HTML5 playback will be enabled easily for Youtube and Dailymotion – and there will be no longer a need to use Flash. Continue reading

Post updated. Small fonts and window frames: a problem of lightweight window managers

Original entry from 6th of March

Usually things go fine. You have your Openbox, Fluxbox, PekWM or Awesome  etc.  window manager running and everything scales up nicely. Sometimes you end up into a situation where you are not that lucky: window frames are too small and the desktop font is just too tiny – and you cannot even read the text properly.

Luckily, the previous issues are easy to fix. Usually, the root cause of them is that you have a big display and your window manager does not know how to size things correctly by itself. Another reason might be that you have changed your wires. For example, I replaced a broken old HDMI wire with a newer one and the issues appeared. You should edit your .Xresources file to apply changes to Gtk and QT programs alike. If you are only using GTK apps it might be a bit easier to change your DPI value via .Xdefaults file. Continue reading

Techtimejourney going through Javascript & Jquery transition

It is time to upgrade again. Techtimejourney websites will go dynamic with Javascript and Jquery. The transition will take about 2 to 3 weeks – since alongside the transition there are plenty of new things that are comming soon (like PostX Gnu/Linux 0.4.2). As I upgrade, I will make sure that there will be non-Javascript versions of the websites available as well.  The upgrade strategy is to code the new pages mainly with HTML5, CSS, Javascript and Jquery. The previous is done because it makes optimization a bit more faster and easier than doing things directly within the WordPress backend.

However, WordPress backend will be upgraded to become dynamic – provided that a decent Javascript and non-Javascrpt balance is found.

And finally, here is some data and upgrade plans about the ” soon to be upgraded pages”

PostX Gnu/Linux startpage: upgrade completed: 20th of March. Gtmetrix results.


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HTML5/CSS web designs page

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